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It Just Won't Quit Snowing in Lunenburg, Mass.



    It just won't quit snowing in Lunenburg, Mass.

    Danger persists on roads throughout the Bay State as temps drop (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Josh Brogadir, Lunenberg, Mass.) - Fresh snow fell on the town of Lunenburg Tuesday and it hasn't stopped yet.

    March 19 marked the last day of winter, and it seems like it's fighting until the very last minute.

    Rick Leslie is fighting back with shovel in hand on roof, clearing more than 15 inches of fresh snow in Lunenburg, Mass., one of the Bay State towns that hit the snowfall jackpot.

    "It'll get ice dams if I leave it on too long. Even though I know tomorrow is spring, there's no guarantee that it's going to melt in the next few days," Leslie said.

    The way this season has gone, there's no guarantee that he's not going to be back up on his roof again in the next few weeks.

    The buds are on tree branches... Somewhere. It sure doesn't seem like spring is ready.

    "7:02 a.m., from what I understand, we'll see what it looks like then," Leslie said.

    It wasn't all snow everywhere, but everything else that fell and froze made the drive to and from work difficult.

    Right in the middle of the afternoon rush, a tanker jack-knifed on the Mass Pike going westbound in Framingham.

    "He started spinning. So I went to the right to avoid him. They always tell you to go to the right and I realized I was going to still get him. So I went to the left, and he bounced off the guard rail and hit the side of the truck and jackknifed the truck. And I feel bad for the poor woman who went underneath the truck, I hope she's alright," said truck driver Marc Letourneau.

    Three people were hurt and hospitalized; among them the woman whose car got wedged under Letourneau's empty tanker.

    Fortunately the tanker was empty, because he unloaded 10,000 gallons just before the crash.

    "It only takes a split second in weather like this for things to go really bad. Last snow storm I had a car do the same thing, spun out in front of me, went off into the woods," Letourneau said.

    The road was closed, traffic was backed up for 10 miles, and we drove right through it.

    Fender benders and spin outs littered the region's roads.

    But in Lunenburg, though there are reminders of the ice storm from 2008, this was pretty much all snow.

    And Matt Sadkin was shoveling it, once again.

    "I mean we've had storms as late as April, so I mean we could have one more, I wouldn't be too surprised," Sadkin said.

    And with that, you can hear that collective groan all across New England.