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Keeping Animals Safe in Frigid Weather



    Keeping animals safe in frigid weather

    Despite their fur, pets can be harmed with cold air; Animal Rescue League reminds people to pay attention to their behavior (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Kristen Carosa) - Walks at the Worcester, Mass. Animal Rescue League lasted under a minute Thursday.

    "This is the coldest we've seen it in so many years," said Melanie Dulac.

    The bitter temperatures caused a small dog to whine after just a few seconds on the cold pavement.

    "Be aware of their paws - take them out for the shortest possible time," said Dulac.

    Once you bring them in, she says to make sure to dry off their feet.

    Dulac says this winter is the coldest she has seen in years. She says no animal should be left out when the temp drops below freezing.

    Ecotarium wildlife manager Kathy Kennedy has been working extra hard to make sure animals at the museum stay safe.

    Shelters have been built in outdoor cages and for animals inside.

    "We plug in heaters," she said. "We add insulation to windows."

    Kennedy also makes extra visits to the animals and watches their behavior closely.