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Lightning Strikes Home in Rockland, Mass.



    Lightning strikes home in Rockland, Mass.

    Though the strike set the house ablaze, no one was hurt (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN: Jennifer Eagan, Rockland, Mass.) – Lightning struck a home in Rockland, Mass. while several people were still inside Wednesday afternoon.

    Firefighters were forced to retreat momentarily because of the blaze the strike caused.

    "It felt like a bomb going off; it was pretty intense," said resident John Shipper.

    Shipper’s home was one of three hit by lightning in the area.

    Rockland Fire Chief Scott Duffy says there were no injuries, and that the storm was heavy.

    "This was an incredible storm. The lightning strikes were intense and they were everywhere," said Duffy.

    In Abington, Mass., lightning struck a tree and split it in two, sending a chunk of wood at Alan Cianfarini, who managed to avoid it.

    The five people in the Rockland home were allowed to retrieve some items and had help from their friends for a place to stay overnight.