MASSDOT's DePaola: 'Cannot Keep the Roads From Being Snow-covered' - NECN

MASSDOT's DePaola: 'Cannot Keep the Roads From Being Snow-covered'



    MASSDOT's Highway Administrator Frank Depaola joined NECN to discuss latest winter storm (Published Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2014)

    (NECN) - Folks are urged to stay off of the roads Saturday night. The intense nature of the storm will be make it nearly impossible for road crews to keep up with their cleanup duties. Many roads will be treacherous.

    Massachusetts Department of Transportation Highway Administrator Frank DePaola said "With the equipment we have we cannot keep the roads from being snow-covered. Discretionary travel is really not a good idea."

    The speed limit on the Mass. Turnpike has been reduced. DePaola advised that everyone should be adhering to the 40 mph limit.

    2,700 pieces of equipment are out on the roads combating the storm.

    "We haven't seen to many accidents," said DePaola.

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