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MEMA: We're Particularly Concerned With Coastal Flooding



    MEMA: We're particularly concerned with coastal flooding

    Peter Judge says they are watching coastal communities as tide comes in (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN) – Peter Judge from MEMA is on the phone with NECN, focusing our attention on the coastal areas, everything from Cape Ann down to Cape Cod.

    Officials are very concerned with coastal flooding as they watch the tide come in,

    They are hoping everyone who needed to evacuate has evacuated so they don’t have to send first responders in to rescue them.

    Judge says everyone needs to be patient as they drive because the snow is continuing. Don’t put yourself and other people in harm’s way as you travel.

    He says they particularly focused on eight or nine locations up and down the coast. If it’s along the coast, it’s something they’ve been concerned with.