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Mainers Toughing It Out in the Snow



    Mainers toughing it out in the snow

    Portland residents deal with a late winter snow storm after an unusually mild winter (Published Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014)

    (NECN: Marnie Maclean, Bath, Maine) - Maine is already dealing with one big Snowe-storm - and now it faces another.

    Only this time, it's the real thing. It's one of the biggest storms of the season, with up to a foot of snow expected in Portland.

    At the corner of Cumberland Ave and Parris Street, NECN saw how this March 1 storm is impacting one small corner of the city.

    "It's my boss - I can't actually hit her."

    Good call from the kind employee picking up Allison Stevens. She knows this storm is going to cost her customers and money at her downtown restaurant, but it could be worse, she adds.

    "It's okay, it's not going to last, right? At least I'm not moving," said Stevens.

    No, but some people are, and NECN caught up with them. Moving isn't fun, even on a nice day, and on a day like this one, some are trying to find the humor in the situation.

    "Oh, so much fun, we only got stuck three times on our way here," said one woman sarcastically.

    At least the path to the door is clear thanks to Mike Kenison. Kenison knows he's had it pretty easy this winter, but today will be a long one.

    "You are going to be busy today, yeah, you know that," said Kenison. "All day long, been going since six."

    He's got some help around the perimeter and with snow expected to fall well into the night, he'll be making a lot of trips around the building.

    Across the street, Andrew Frawley, a plow truck operator, is finally making a little bit of winter plow money, and says in Maine, March is still very much winter.

    "A lot can happen in 20 days," said Frawley.

    Yes, a storm makes like on the corner of Cumberland Ave and Parris Street harder - but not impossible.