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Many New Englanders Dreading Upcoming Snow



    Many New Englanders dreading upcoming snow

    People running out of patience after significant snow multiple weekends in a row (Published Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014)

    (NECN: Jackie Bruno, Boston) - For much of New England, this will be the third weekend in a row of significant snow and some are running out of patience.

    What are people saying about the storm ahead?

    Most people we talked to said they are dreading the snow. They are sick of having their weekend plans uprooted by storm, but not everyone's so pessimistic.

    “I’m dreading it. I don’t know where all of the snow is going to go, looks like a lot of it melted but I’ll have some trouble getting my car out,” says Jeff Nolet.

    “I don’t ski or snowboard. So I’m not a big fan of the snow,” says Robert Shannon.

    Does he hate it?

    “Absolutely. Sick of it. I was just saying to him i can’t wait for the winter to end,” Shannon says.

    “I want to move to Florida,” says Jim McSweeney who lives in Stow, Mass.

    McSweeney thinks Stow should be called something else.

    “It should be named snow, Mass., not Stow… we get quite a bit.”

    Still, not everyone hates the snow. We found one person who says we should all stop complaining.

    “It’s not worth it. Not worth the energy. Just cheer up and have a good day and enjoy what you have every day,” says Tiffany Brucker who thinks everybody should just chill out.

    Jackie Bruno thinks Brucker has the best outlook on the coming snow. We live here. We claim to be hearty New Englanders, so it's time to buck up and deal with it.