Many Rivers Are Rising Across Massachusetts - NECN

Many Rivers Are Rising Across Massachusetts



    (NECN: Josh Brogadir, Wilmington, Mass.) - The rain has stopped, though the wind has not.

    Last year, the Shawsheen River overflowed its banks at 10 and a half feet.

    Flood stage is 7 feet, and this time it's not expected to crest much above that level.

    Drivers cruising through pooling water in Wilmington, Massachusetts above the Shawsheen River know they've dodged a bullet - at least, for now.

    Even with heavy rain overnight when chunks of ice flowed down the river, it could be much worse.

    Memories of last year throughout New England are lingering - when mid march downpours and snow melt turned roads into canals, and basements into swamps.

    Some of the usual spots like the Washington Park Condominiums in Andover and along the Shawsheen in Billerica led to flat beds taking people out of their homes.

    Edward Harnish lives along the banks of the Shawsheen.

    Last year, several valuables were ruined when water came into the basement, including pictures and paperwork.

    The IRS has taken notice.

    The Shawsheen had been projected by the National Weather Service at moderate flooding, now downgraded to minor flooding with the high point 6 inches over the 7 foot flood mark, expected around noon Tuesday.

    Still of concern, water on roads, specifically Rt. 114 in Lawrence.