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Mass. Cities Going Over Snow Removal Budgets



    Mass. cities going over snow removal budgets

    Abundant snow has left Lowell $100,000 over budget (Published Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014)

    (NECN: Deanna Morgan, Andover, Mass.) – Our Deanna Morgan is in Andover, Mass.

    One day you think spring is on the way.  The next day, there’s more snow. Interstate 93 Tuesday morning was packed…with snow and snow plows.  

    Lonny Vallier has been out plowing snow this winter.  

    “Eh, one more snow storm couldn’t hurt, you know?”

    Well, no, most of us thought the sunny days of spring would be here by now.  Old man winter apparently wants to stick around. The good news is that students get another day off.  The bad news is that cities are going over budget behind all this snow.    

    “Across Massachusetts, it’s the one budget item that you can overspend because you never know how much it’s gonna snow,” says Bernie Lynch, Lowell’s city manager.

    He says this year’s abundant snow will have left the city another $100,000 over budget by the end of Tuesday.  

    In Andover, it’s the same thing.  Let’s hope the first day of spring will be just that: a sunny spring day.  I don’t know about you, but, as for the snow, I’m over it.