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Mass. Firefighters Battle Flames, Cold Weather



    Mass. firefighters battle flames, cold weather

    Blazes in West Bridgewater and Somerville require crews to fight fire and ice (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Nicole Jacobs, Somerville, Mass.) - Fire and ice are an unlikely combination, but one making a presence on a cold January day in New England.

    Overnight in West Bridgewater, Mass., flames tore through a home on Ash Street, where a couple and a dog were inside. They all made it out safely, but while the blaze raged on, there was more for firefighters to battle.

    In this case, three fire hydrants froze, creating challenges for the very team aimed at combating the fire.

    A few hours later in Somerville, a multi-family home on Mount Vernon Street was charred to destruction.

    "Upon arrival, fire companies encountered heavy fire condition on what we call the delta side of the building," said Somerville Fire Chief Kevin Kelleher.

    Fire crews are accustomed to that encounter. But working around the effects of weather, even in New England, complicates matters.

    "We had one frozen hydrant down the street," said Kelleher. "That didn't impact our operation."

    But just walking along the slush and ice is dangerous, let alone the fire itself.

    No one was hurt in either the fire or the ice, but the complications made by both will likely linger here, as will the winter.