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Mass. Governor Urges Workers to Stay Home



    (NECN) - Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick is urging motorists to remain off the roads for most of the day, as crews try to clean up from the blizzard that brought high winds and heavy snow to his state beginning Sunday afternoon.

    The state is also paying attention to the coastal flooding situation, and had prepared for the problems that have been seen in towns like Scituate, Quincy and Rockport.  "The National Guard was pre-positioned in a few key places," Patrick said, "and has been helping us with limited evacuations." That said, no one has actually taken advantage of shelters positioned in the state, according to the Governor.

    Patrick also urged private employers to excuse non-essential employees from work today, to keep them off the road, as well. "(If you) give us a chance to restore the travel lanes to normal, that will be helpful for everyone."