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Mass. Roofing Companies Busy Clearing Off Snow, Ice



    Mass. Roofing Companies Busy Clearing Off Snow, Ice

    (NECN: Kathryn Sotnik, Newton, Mass.) - Roofing companies in Needham, Mass. were busy Thursday knocking snow off the tops of homes.

    Bob Scribner of GF Sprague Roofing in Needham says they've cleared a minimum of 86 roofs in just four days.

    Scribner said his company has been called to remove heavy snow and ice dams.

    "Ice dams with water are leaking in, some people are just afraid with the weight, and they want the weight off their roofs," said Scribner.

    Thursday, other crews cleared snow from a Mass DOT salt shed in Andover, where the fabric tore in two places from the heavy snow.

    On Wednesday, a triple decker in Worcester had to be torn down after part of the roof collapsed from the weight of the snow and ice.

    Also on Wednesday, heavy snow toppled the roof of a Framingham barn. Two cows were killed.

    "Now with rain and warm temperatures, it starts to melt, we add the rain, it will just triple the weight of what's on a roof," said Chief Paul Buckley of the Needham Fire Department.

    NECN spotted the local hardware store in Needham stocked with roof rakes.

    Chief Buckely is urging people to either call a professional or use the roof rakes over other methods.

    He says, "we don't want to see people going up on ladders trying to clean their roofs off."

    Lastly, the Fire Chief warns about larger, aging buildings with poor drainage.

    "If those are covered with snow or they're frozen there's no place for that melting water to go and that can lead to catastrophe," Buckley said.