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Massive Destruction Left Behind From Midwest Storms



    Massive destruction left behind from Midwest storms

    Officials say 13 have been killed by tornadoes from the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Lakes (Published Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014)

    (NECN/NBC News: Jay Gray, Nashville, Tenn.) - Massive destruction with entire towns gone as powerful storms from the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Lakes moved across the country, killing at least 13 people Friday.

    That's how people across Tornado Ally are describing the aftermath of Friday's tornado outbreak, and the worst may not be over.

    Severe storms spawned dozens of tornadoes Friday afternoon from Indiana to Tennessee.

    One of the worst hit towns was Henryville, Ind., where from the air the path of destruction stretches for miles. Entire houses were ripped from their foundations. A school bus was tossed into a house, while another one was thrown on its side in the parking lot of the local high school, where classes were just letting out when a funnel cloud was spotted.

    There are reports of several injuries and at least one person missing. Crews are working through the rubble searching for survivors.

    In nearby Maryville, a similar scene shows homes obliterated, trees sawed in half and the rural landscape dotted with destruction.

    From Indiana, the storm moved east into Tennessee with the same disastrous results.

    Trees and power lines snapped, roofs ripped off of homes - all with little warning.

    "It started thundering and lightening and wind got up a little bit, clouds started coming through, real black clouds. It hopped up like a white cloud and came on through," said Kenneth Davis, a tornado survivor.

    And it's not done coming through, with forecasts for tornado-like conditions to stretch into the night.