Melting Snow Creates Street Flooding Concerns Around New England - NECN

Melting Snow Creates Street Flooding Concerns Around New England



    (NECN: Tom Langford) - Our messy weather is creating fears about street flooding as much of the snow starts to melt. In Somerville, Massachusetts, crews are working hard today to try to and minimize any problems.

    In the Boston area, it's wet and worrisome, as water rushes down streets and slips storm drains. All this rain, combined with all the snow melt, has lead to a flood watch.

    But DPW crews  in Somerville are fighting back.

    They've spent weeks clearing snow, and commissioner Stan Koty says that in just in the last few days, they cleared out more than 1,000 catch basins.

    "We clear the catch basins so that we don't end up with big puddles and end up with big frozen ponds in the middle of the streets, cars sliding everywhere, accidents," said public works commissioner Stan Koty.

    The rain and snow melt is the latest nuisance in a winter full of problems.

    "This winter has been an absolute miserable winter," said Koty.

    But even in this weather, commissioner Koty sees a silver lining.

    "Its pouring rain out," he said. "But this is probably the best time to get rid of it and probably the lowest cost, its during regular working hours."

    Koty makes a good point, because across New England, many cities and towns have far exceeded their snow removal budgets.

    In Somerville, for example, they've already doubled what they planned to spend.