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Micro Burst Brings Damage to Boston Area



    (NECN: Scot Yount, Revere, Mass.) - It was moving day for Nancy Hughes.  She and her boyfriend had been at this Revere, Massachusetts apartment on Revere Beach for about three hours when the weather blew out the bedroom window.  Back now after being rushed to the hospital, she is shocked at how dangerous it was.

    "I couldn't imagine, when I took and went like this, and it hit me, oooh," Hughs said.

    "My first thought was that a plane hit the back of the house," Bill Giorlando said.

    Giolando lives here, too. He couldn't believe what he was seeing.

    "All I see is my neighbor's roof up and off floating in the sky and landing in the Atlantic Ocean. All I could see was debris in the front window all landing on the front street here," he said.

    All over the Hub, people are cleaning up from the storm that brought down large trees and power lines damaging homes and scores of cars. One in Brookline was simply crushed.

    The Boston Common and Public Garden was also hit. Big trees some of them historic are toppled.

    Lots of the trees in the public garden are pretty precious to the folks who visit here all the time.  One of the biggest trees to come down is, if the old adage that the rings of the give you the age of the tree, about 25, maybe even 30 years old.

    "Pretty incredible how important the trees are to the park and the neighborhood and you take it for granted, but when you see half of them on the street you really realized how important they are," Elizabeth Hayes said.

    The National Weather Service spent the day assessing what field inspectors were calling a macro burst.

    "Based on the damage you can tell that strong straight line winds were the cause of all of this yesterday," Hayden Frank said.

    Crews work long hours to clean up.

    "Just massive so much wood down, people's cars getting demolished, it's horrible," Hiram Rodriguez said.