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Midwest Braces for Violent Storms



    Midwest braces for violent storms

    National Weather Service issues rare 'High Risk' warning for strong to violent tornadoes this weekend (Published Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014)

    (NECN/NBC News: Jay Gray, Oklahoma City) - Forecasters have predicted a stormy – and in some parts – dangerous night for the Midwest.

    There is definitely a noticeable change in the weather in Oklahoma City. The wind has picked up, and the clouds are rolling in.

    Oklahoma is part of the potential strike zone across the Midwest this evening.

    The National Weather Service issuing a rare "High Risk" warning for strong to violent tornadoes that could strike through Saturday and into Sunday.

    On Saturday, forecasters are focusing on areas of Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas that could see the storm.

    On Sunday, storms are expected to move into Arkansas, South Dakota and Iowa, and then into the Great Lakes region.

    Besides tornadoes, there is also a likelihood of strong straight-line winds, and severe thunderstorms and large hail that will be a part of this system as well.

    It's already been an active tornado season across the central and southern plains.

    On Friday, a twister touched down in Norman, Okla., just to the south of Oklahoma City, signaling the start of what could be a very dangerous weekend across the Midwest.