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Miraculous Survivor Stories After Texas Tornadoes



    Miraculous survivor stories after Texas tornadoes

    The damage is extensive, but Texas residents lived to tell their stories of survival (Published Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014)

    (NECN/NBC News: Jay Gray) - Tornado victims in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas are picking up the pieces today after a string of tornadoes raked across the region Tuesday.
    The damage is extensive, but miraculously no one was killed.

    Miles of splintered wood, twisted metal and shattered glass were left behind by as many as a dozen tornadoes that ripped across the metropolitan area of more than six million people.

    As residents pour through the wreckage and debris, many are uncovering stories of survival.

    Nicole Lawrence and her sons hid in a bathtub.

    She was on the phone with her husband when the twister hit.

    "Just imagine what you would think if you know you're whole family is in your house and you hear an explosion and you can't get a hold of them,” said Bobby Lawrence, Nicole’s husband. “It's probably the worst feeling you could ever have."

    A feeling so many lived through during the storms, but that's the key - they are still alive.

    And now trying to gather the pieces of their lives left after the storm while struggling to start a very long a difficult recovery.