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NH Seacoast Sees 2nd Blast of Snow



    NH Seacoast sees 2nd blast of snow

    Commutes will stay slick as snow continues to fall, black ice forms (Published Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014)

    (NECN: Alysha Palumbo, Portsmouth, NH) - Snow changed to a drizzly sleet in Portsmouth, New Hampshire Tuesday night as slick spots and dropping temperatures threatened to turn wet pavement into dangerous black ice.

    Walter Davis, who was driving through New Hampshire, said, "It is terrible, cars sliding around, vertical spins, cars in the ditch, trucks in the ditch, it is horrible out here."

    "I think they’re doing the best that they can do to keep up with it, I mean everyone’s budgets are cut or tight and so they’re doing the best they can," Naples, Maine resident Gary Gilman said.

    Earlier the seacoast was socked with a one-two punch, as two snow bands swept through the area – with rain in between.

    And the timing couldn’t have been much worse as the first band wrapped up during the morning commute and the second band stretched into the evening rush hour.

    Hampton Beach, N.H. resident Pat Callahan said, "Ice pack on the road itself, they’re trying to keep up with the plows but they can’t it just gets packed and packed and packed, so it’s slippery, very slippery."

    With a crusty, slushy mix on highways like Interstate 95, it was a slippery drive for cars, trucks and tractor trailers.

    "They lowered the speed limit on the highway to 45 which I think is safe for everybody and a good idea, I wish it would just stop already," Rochester, N.H. resident Shannon Casey said.

    The messy mix led to some spinning tires and minor accidents in southern New Hampshire.

    Kerry Eaton of Bangor, Maine said, "I almost went off the road actually, there’s a turn after you come off that bridge up there, I almost went off the road up there."

    And even though spring officially starts Wednesday, some residents are ready to skip right over it and be done with this wild weather.

    "I’m ready for summer, I want summer, it’s cold and I want summer," Tracy Walden of Rochester, N.H. said.