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Nasty Storm Expected to Hit East Coast Ahead of Thanksgiving



    Nasty storm expected to hit East Coast ahead of Thanksgiving

    Forecasters say cold, heavy rain will fail from Carolinas to Boston Tuesday and Wednesday (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN/NBC News: Chris Clackum) - A nasty winter storm is making its way across the South and headed up the East Coast, setting up a nightmare scenario for Thanksgiving travelers this week.

    One place where the storm's punch is already being felt is Edinboro, Pa.

    "Well over a foot, we had at least a foot, my husband is guessing probably closer to 18 inches," said Edinboro resident Misty Knaus.

    The arctic blast that collided over the weekend with moisture from the south, dumped snow in Milwaukee, Wis., causing dozens of wrecks Monday morning.

    "The roads here are all very very bad. I just about got in a car accident right here because you can't stop," Milwaukee driver Mark Prividera said.

    It was treacherous much further south in Arkansas as well, where mostly freezing rain coated roadways with a dangerous sheet of ice.

    The ice also disrupted flights out of the Little Rock Airport.

    That was also the case at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport which was especially nerve-wracking for travelers who were supposed to fly out Sunday night.

    "We get everything ready and then we just have to re-arrange and come later, find different parking spots, different plans, it's complicated," said one traveler.

    Forecasters say most of what will fall will be cold, heavy rain from the Carolinas to Boston on Tuesday and Wednesday.

    Higher elevations are expected to get a half foot or more of snow just as the turkey's to be carved on Thursday.