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New England Slammed With Snow, Sleet



    (NECN: Josh Brogadir, Carlisle, Mass.) - Parts of New England got slammed with snow. Others saw sleet, downpours and high winds.

    There was a little bit of everything across the region, and now the concerns are about the falling temperatures.

    Snow started falling again about 6 o'clock tonight, the concern now is about the rain that fell earlier, as the temperature falls, and the ice that's starting to form on the roads.

    A storm across New England with a little bit of everything - what you got - depending on where you live.

    Let's start up north in Maine, a crash on 295 in Freeport - and heavy flakes falling on the people of Portland.

    Snow was also the story in Vermont where the first "Towplow" got its test, clearing two lanes at a time on Interstate 89, with a plow in front, trailer in back.

    A cold dreary day in the Granite State, as well, the combination of snow, sleet, and rain a factor in the more than 100 crashes in southern New Hampshire.

    Among them a fatal head on collision.

    25 year old Janelle Hamilton of Exeter was killed when she lost control on the ice and hit a school bus in Stratham.

    The bus driver was not hurt.

    "I saw a school bus driver standing with her daughter on the side of the road and a police car pulling up," said witness Jeff Smith. 

    Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut saw mostly rain - heavy at times as the rain snow line moved south.

    There was puddling in greater Providence and strong winds along the Massachusetts south coast, the cape and the islands.

    Somerville dealt with a flood watch, but workers cleared out a thousand catch basins of snow in advance to avoid the problems as the rain fell.

    "We clear the catch basins so that we don't back up with big puddles and end up with big frozen ponds in the middle of the streets, cars sliding everywhere, accidents," Stan Koty, Somerville DPW Commissioner.

    Getting around Newton, meant
    dodging raindrops with boots and umbrellas.

    The concern now - the freeze, as temperatures drop in all six states.

    "Things are going to freeze up pretty hard here before too long and we're going to have a second rush of accidents," said Lt. Chris Aucoin, of the NH State Police.

    In addition to slick roads, power outages have been an issue today, especially in CT, where at its height more than 3500 customers were without power, most of those have been restored.