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New Englanders Bundling Up Against Extreme Cold Temps



    New Englanders bundling up against extreme cold temps

    Temperatures in downtown Worcester, Mass. were in the teens, and wind chill put it below zero (Published Friday, Feb. 21, 2014)

    (NECN: Katelyn Tivnan) - Ear-to-ear, head-to-toe: On Tuesday, it was all about the layers.

    "I got all my Christmas gifts on, my Bruins hat, Bruins scarf, big puffy coat," Stephen Guyott says.

    With temps in downtown Worcester, Mass. reading in the teens - adding the wind chill makes for an uncomfortable time outside.

    "Terrible, might only be 5 minutes but feels like 5 hours," Guyott says.

    Nearby at Peterson Oil in Worcester, layering up is a necessity, where workers like Tom Mawdsley are spending their eight hour shift outside pumping gas. They are doing what they can to keep warm, including taking breaks inside.

    Down the street, the temperatures are no problem for employees at Enchanted Fireside. Their showroom is full of gas, wood and pellet stoves, making for a toasty retreat.

    "It's awesome in here, if you're cold come in and warm up," Diane Galipeau of Enchanted Fireside says.

    The cold is also great for a company that's in the business of keeping people warm.

    "We do see an increase in traffic flow because people realize still have four to five months so frigid temps bring them in," Galipeau says.

    Keeping her historic home in Petersham heated is a priority for Cherie Brooks. She stopped in to grab a part for one of her stoves And while she doesn't mind the cold, she doesn't mind escaping it either.

    "I'm looking online for vacations for February and all have palm trees," Brooks says.