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New Englanders Looking to Beat the Heat



    New Englanders looking to beat the heat

    Many people spent Tuesday trying to keep cool, whether that was in an air conditioned room or at a pool (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN: Katelyn Tivnan) - Whether it's a dip into some safe water elsewhere or a dive into a bowl of ice cream, a lot of people are just looking for any way they can stay cool.

    And it's also hugely important when it comes to your health.

    “I’m here to beat the heat at the Holden Pool,” says Tom Holden.

    He is spending Tuesday like many other people in the area: trying to keep cool.

    As the temperatures keep creeping higher, he says the best place to be is in the water.

    “I’ll probably hang here for a few hours and cool down and go in and out of the pool,” he says.

    In Worcester, Mass., Vinny Kosakowski and his granddaughter are also looking for an answer to the heat.

    “It’s nasty. I can't wait for it to cool down and get back to normal,” he says. “I stay in an air conditioned room or come down here to cool off.”

    “Swimming, playing around, trying to cool off. We 'll do mostly swimming, yeah swimming under water,” says Christina Gambaccini.

    A heat advisory is in effect in Worcester county until 7 p.m. Tuesday.

    The national weather service says the combination of high temperatures and high humidity could make it feel as hot as 102 degrees.

    The town of Auburn is asking its residents to take precautions.

    “We used code red in this case to notify people we have cooling centers open,” says town manager Julie Jacobson.

    Thousands of residents received email or phone alerts to let them know the senior center has extended hours.

    Jacobson says they are urging people to take advantage of the relief.

    “Our philosophy is if we get 20 people in the cooling center, none or one, the point is it’s there if needed.”

    Back in Holden, not everyone is trying to beat the heat.

    For basketball player Brianna Schnare, the goal is to make sure the heat doesn't beat her.

    “Trying to get my summer workout in really hard with the heat but trying to keep it up,” she says. “Went to try to run my mile at the track it was definitely hot and it slows you down but have to keep at it.”