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New Englanders Thriving in Warm Spring Weather



    New Englanders thriving in warm spring weather

    It may be the first day of March, but for many it feels like June or July - and businesses are making money from it (Published Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014)

    (NECN: Josh Brogadir, Boston) - Not that we've had anything to complain about all winter in southern New England, but what a day to be out and now what a night - outstanding for business here on Newbury Street and around the region.

    It's nighttime on Newbury Street, and it feels like June or July - in March.

    Dining outside on the first day of spring never got this good.

    Server Matthew Markey said they normally don't have outside dining until mid or late April, but the tables have been out for two weeks.

    But this day is different.

    When 29 Newbury lost power one week ago last Tuesday night, it was in a scene that's gone but not soon forgotten: the fire, the more than 50 hour long blackout, the loss of business in the Back Bay.

    Plus now, it's restaurant week, so diners are out and 29 Newbury is open.

    Spring has sprung, obviously.

    And you don't need to see daffodils blooming, ducks driving down the street, women in tank tops and shorts running, or bald men lounging to know that, even on the first day of spring.

    The pond in the Public Garden looks like a scene from a drought. The swan boats won't be swimming until April 14.

    There's a long long time to go until the dog days, although chocolate lab Holly here might disagree. Her owner Jacki Leahy says it might even be too hot for the dog.

    And while weather didn't bring the Oxford University Alternotives to sing a capella from across the pond, the sunshine didn't hurt for a free outdoor concert on the first day of spring.

    Music director Heather Young said they'd probably be out here anyway, but the warm weather is a bonus.

    Restaurant week continues through the end of the month - and fortunately, this weather is expected to for awhile as well.