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Nightmare Commute for Mass. Residents



    (NECN: Ally Donnelly) - The weather has made for some nightmare commutes around New England. Snow falling, huge snow banks, ice potholes you name it. But is there any relief in sight?

    The nerve center at Metro Traffic is humming right along...we wish we could say the same for commuters.

    Ever-affable traffic reporter Rich Kirkland feels our pain in recent days...the back to back storms -- and their aftermath -- delivering a pounding blow to Bay Staters trekking to and from work.

    Commuters of all kinds...grumbling about planes, trains, automobiles delayed, denied, destroyed.

    Mass Highway says it's doing it's best to plow and clear, but it's only one piece of the parking lot puzzle. Overworked and over-budget local road crews scrambling to fix obstacles of all kinds.