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Obama Promises Help for Tornado Victims in Joplin



    (NECN: London) - The tornado that hit Joplin, Missouri on Sunday goes in the record books as the deadliest in U.S. history.

    At least 117 people were killed and the death toll is expected to rise.

    President Obama talked about the tragedy on Tuesday during a state visit in London.

    "Like all Americans, we have been monitoring what's been taking place very closely and have been heartbreaking...heartbroken by the images that we've seen in Joplin Missouri in particular. The devastation is comparable and may end up exceeding some of the devastation we saw in Tuscaloosa, Alabama just a few weeks ago. So far we know that over 100 people lost their lives, others remain missing and hundreds more are injured. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families who are suffering at this moment and all we can do is let them know that all of America cares deeply about them and we are gonna do absolutely everything we can to make sure that they recover."

    Obama will visit Joplin on Sunday when he returns from his European visit.

    Officials say 30% of the city is gone -- 2,000 homes and buildings were damaged or destroyed.

    There is a chance of more tornadoes when another powerful storm system moves through.