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On Hot Days, Some Employees Thankful for 'cool' Jobs



    On hot days, some employees thankful for 'cool' jobs

    Whether it's at an ice cream shop or a meat locker, many employees are grateful to be in a very cold work environment when there's extreme heat outside (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN: Melissa Toupin) - From Worcester, Mass. and all across New England, a lot of people will be heading to our coasts this week trying to beat the extreme heat.

    But here in Worcester, there are some people who never have a problem keeping cool, no matter what the temperature is outside.

    John Iandoli is one of the lucky ones with a 'cool' job.

    Temperatures outside his Worcester business neared triple digits Tuesday, but he's found a way to stay comfortable.
    “It's too humid. I don't have any AC in the office so I come in here to cool off.”

    These freezers are filled to the brim with more than two dozen tons of ice.

    It's bagged, blocked and cubed, but Iandoli says keeping them that way is becoming a challenge as the temperature continues to rise.

    “They say melting point is 32 degrees but everything in here has to be 28 degrees or it's puddles.”

    At Cold Stone Creamery in Millbury, owner Karen Weldon knows a thing or two about keeping cool.

    Like Iandoli, her business depends on it.

    “I couldn't wait to come to work today, knowing what temperature it was going to be At least in here it's nice and cool,” she says.

    To keep the ice cream from melting, storage coolers like this one drop to temperatures in the single digits.

    Weldon says the hotter it gets the more excuses employees make to open the freezer.

    At Fairway Beef in Worcester, the meat locker is the place to be.

    With below zero temperatures, workers there are bundled up, some even wearing sweatshirts.

    “When we go outside, that's when it hits us. It’s like an oven because we are used to the cold,” says George Segel.

    He says the key in his business is to keep moving and to not focus on the cold.

    And while some people may envy him working in such a cool place on days like today, he says that's not always the case.

    “Everybody wants my job in the summer,” he says, “but in the winter they don't want to know you.”