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Parts of Central Mass. Get More Than 1 Foot of Snow



    Parts of central Mass. get more than 1 foot of snow

    A storm bringing heavy, wet snow blanketed much of New England Wednesday (Published Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014)

    (NECN: Alysha Palumbo, Worcester, Mass.) - With nearly a foot of snow falling in Worcester Wednesday, plows were kept busy from morning until night.

    And while they had most of the roads clear by the evening, the sidewalks and snow banks were treacherous to walk through.

    Rosca Bosompem, who was walking home from work at UMass Medical Center, said, "They’re so deep you have no idea, I put my foot in and it’s like this, the leg it was like up to here and I’m like oh my god I’m drowning in the snow."

    It was an unwelcome surprise to come home to, especially for those who braved the weather to head into work.

    "It did surprise me, it came in quick this morning, it came in real quick, I went to work at 5 o’clock and the roads weren’t even bad, and after that forget it," Worcester resident Joe Iaccarino said.

    The heavy, wet snow that blanketed central Massachusetts for much of Wednesday morning made driving tricky at best.

    "It’s awful, I’ve never seen so much snow, and it’s difficult to drive in, they’re doing a good job out on the city but so far not in our driveway," Nancy Aucock said.

    With pass after pass, plows were able to keep the main roads, like Route 9 in Worcester, clear for much of the day. But side roads were another story, especially trying to get up the steep streets that make up the Worcester hills.

    Herb Aucock said, "It’s heavy, it’s heavy, but we just always get through it."

    Cars were covered, driveways were covered and it wasn’t easy work to clean them.

    Iaccarino said while snow blowing his driveway, "It’s not that bad as I thought but it’s getting bad especially where the plows came but I’m doing it, a couple more hours I’ll be out here but it’s going good."