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Police Release 911 Calls From Somerville Flood Rescues



    (NECN: Brad Puffer, Somerville, Mass.) - The 911 calls made during last weekend's flash flooding in Somerville, Massachusetts have been released.

    The calls came from many parts of the city -- from people in cars, at home or at work. Some were calm; others frantic.

    Dispatchers took the calls as quickly as possible.

    "I'm stuck in a puddle of water."

    As heavy rains flooded Somerville last weekend, 911 calls also poured into the dispatch center of the Somerville police station. Several people stuck in cars.

    "You're on the ramp?" "I'm on the ramp and water is coming in my car!"

    "They're stuck inside?" "Yes and the water is coming up pretty quick."

    "My car is flooding." "Are you inside the car?" "Yes."

    Other callers reported flooded streets and flooded homes. Residents clearly not prepared for so much water in such a short time.

    "The water is shooting up maybe three four feet in the air."

    "We have a major major major flood here it's very dangerous."

    "Something burst, my apartment is going underwater."

    And as the calls kept coming, dispatchers worked to prioritize, calm people down and explain.

    "We have floods everywhere. We are going to do the best that we can."

    "Ok ma'am, We have people trapped in cars and everything else. We'll put you on the list."

    "Ok, that's alright ma'am, don't panic, we're going to send someone down to help you, ok?"

    Police Chief Mike Cabral says he's proud of how his dispatchers handled a difficult situation.

    "This is one of those situations where your training kicks in and everybody did what they were supposed to do."

    An hour later, the police station was also flooded, 911 operations transferred to Everett.

    "Most of the public had no idea what we were going through here with the station losing power and 911 lines being down. We still provided services."