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Powerful Storms Hit NH



    Powerful storms hit NH

    Lightning strikes were reported around the Granite State and caused damage, including a house fire in Bedford (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Kathryn Sotnik, Bedford, N.H.) - Powerful storms Thursday brought along lightning, thunder and windswept rains.

    A large bolt of lightning was even captured outside our NECN New Hampshire bureau in Manchester.

    In Bedford, N.H., another lightning bolt hit a towering tree at a condominium complex.

    The electricity traveled all the way to  an electrical box on one of the condo units on Reed Drive, setting the house ablaze.

    Eyewitness video captured the fire shortly after the lightning strike, before fire crews arrived.

    Another photo shows the flames pouring from the garage.

    "It's pretty intense, I'm thanking God no one got hurt," neighbor Mary Molloy says.

    At the time, the homeowners were at the Manchester airport, just about to leave for Florida.

    "Thank God nobody was hurt, even injured, even the dog wasn't home," said Molloy.

    Kristi Arford of Derry said Thursday she thought she was going to die after lightning hit a tree in her yard.

    She says she was letting her dog inside from the backyard when she was jolted while her hand was on the metal door.

    "I felt a shock all the way through my body and it knocked me to the ground," "In the first moment you feel electrocuted," said Arford.

    In Candia, firefighters also rushed to a home on Tower Hill Road for a report of a teenager struck by lightning through his laptop. He was okay.

    In Windham, a lightning bolt may also be to blame for a three alarm fire there. Three firefighters were treated at the scene for heat related issues.