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Powerful Tornado Rips Through Mississippi



    (NECN/WLOX) - Severe storms ripped across parts of the Southeast Monday night. Mississippi was one of several states slammed with high winds, drenching rain and powerful tornadoes.

    The tornado hop scotched across Attala county destroying some homes while leaving others untouched. But there was no mistaking the tell-tale signs of a classic twister.
    "Sounded like a freight train," said Karlandus Kilbert, "and tiles were trembling and shaking and stuff like that. Trees, we were hearing the trees fall and I mean it was terrible last night."

    Another storm victim had only one thought running through her mind when the storm struck.

    "First thing I gathered was my kids and we landed in the living room," said Teresa Phillips. "So everything just went over my head. The air conditioning in the living room, TVs and everything."

    The power of this tornado that struck Attala county is amazing.

    A car that was swept upside down in the mud puddle actually flew through the air some 200 feet. If you look beyond the tire of that car, it was parked behind a trailer that was exploded and imploded 200 feet away.

    Amazingly, no one was seriously injured in this storm, but that doesn't mean people didn't fear for their lives while the storm roared overhead. 

    Four EF2 tornadoes, with winds of up to 137 miles-per-hour, hit Mississippi Tuesday evening, according to the National Weather Service.

    Officials say 32 people were hurt across the state, but none of the injuries were serious.