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Raging Flood Waters Batter Colo.



    Raging flood waters batter Colo.

    At least 3 people are dead and officials worry, like the water, that number could grow (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN/NBC News: Jay Gray) - Flood waters continue to ravage parts of Colorado Friday morning. At least three people are dead and hundreds have been forced to evacuate after record rainfall over the last two days.

    One of the hardest hit areas is Boulder, Colo.

    Driving rain continued to feed raging flood waters overnight in Boulder, part of a system that for more than 24 hours now, has battered the region.

    Sirens wailed:

    "Flash flooding is imminent."

    And warnings sounded Thursday as the water continued to rise.

    "We've lost roads, we've lost bridges, we lost homes, cars and we are now just beginning to identify the scope of the damage," said Sheriff Joe Pelle.

    Emergency crews rushed into areas cut-off by the water and floating debris.

    Dive teams rescued drivers after a bridge was swallowed by flood waters.

    While in many communities, neighbors turned to each other for help getting to higher ground.

    "The water was raging like the Colorado River through our house," said Boulder resident Kathy Burkett.

    In other areas, the water has led to massive rock-sides, blocking rescue teams from stranded cars and communities.

    At least three people are dead and officials worry like the water that number could grow.

    "We anticipate that as the day goes on we may find that we've lost others," Pelle said.

    The deadly storms have already dumped more than 7-inches of rain.

    "This is insane," student Andrea Jacobson said.

    And unfortunately it’s still not over.