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Rain Moving in as New Englanders Hit the Road



    Rain moving in as New Englanders hit the road

    Many bracing for nightmarish traffic ahead of Thanksgiving holiday (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Kathryn Sotnik, Charlton, Mass.) - Whether you enjoy it or not, the holiday travel rush has started.

    The long traffic back-ups started early in the Boston area Tuesday, and by evening, the Massachusetts Turnpike heading westbound near Boston was jam-packed.

    The travel time from Boston to Sturbridge, Mass. was also reported at a crawling three and a half hours.

    Further on down the Pike in Charlton, the traffic situation was much better, but many holiday travelers were a little worn out at the rest stop.

    Headed to New York, traveller Dan Cray says, "There's been a ton of traffic for no reason, no construction, no reason at all. It sucks."

    Wendy and Michael Hammes are driving from Maine to Virginia.

    "The traffic has been bad but that's Boston traffic. 50 miles of stop and go since we left Boston, and we can't figure out what the stopping is about," said the couple.

    There was a silver lining, though, for one couple headed back home to North Carolina.

    A smiling Herb Richardson told us, "It's been slow, but everybody stayed in line, no cutting or any of that."

    The inclement weather conditions and windswept rain are expected to continue into Wednesday, which means visibility out on the roadways will also be reduced.

    Mass. Department of Transportation officials say extra staff will be monitoring the highway situation from their operations center.

    MassDOT Administrator Frank DePaolo says, "The rain is expected to exceed 2 inches of rain with heavy periods of a half inch per hour, that by itself will affect traffic."

    The DOT also reports more people travelled on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving compared to Wednesday before Thanksgiving last year. They expected a similar situation this year.

    NECN also found long lines at the Charlton rest stop gas station.

    Several people, though, are just trying to make the best of it.

    Laughing, the Hammes are thinking of the "pay-off" at the end.

    "We've got a dozen Maine oysters were taking down! Actually three dozen," said the Hammes.