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Rain, Snow Melt Leads to Flooding in N.H.



    (NECN: Brad Puffer, Claremont, N.H.) - Flooding dangers are still high across New England. The heavy rain and snow melt is making for a dangerous combination in Claremont, New Hampshire.

    This is how the Sugar River looked just before noon, just a sheet of ice as it had been all winter.  But upstream an ice jam had backed rising water into parking lots and roads throughout Claremont, New Hampshire.

    Soon, nearby residents and even those in a motel were told to leave.

    Then, as our cameras rolled, the ice began to move.  Huge chunks pushed along by the flood of water.  Those chunks then forced up over the banks, up against homes.

    Bob Sailer, Evacuated from home: "I look out and the ice wasn't moving and if it's not moving forward, it's going to come sideways."

    While 15 homes had been already evacuated, Bob Sailor had missed his chance.  Now his and all the other homes around him were surrounded by water.

    Bob Sailer: "I couldn't get through with my truck, so I just went back and called 911 and said I'm stuck."

    Peter Chase: "We attempted to get down with truck that didn't work, so we evaluated the woods."

    After a long winter of deep snows, this big thaw came quickly, creating many tense moments.  And while the biggest threat is gone for now, there is more weather on the way.  And the ice jam has only moved downstream.

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