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Record Heat Continues to Scorch Much of US



    Record heat continues to scorch much of US

    More than 1 million Americans are still without power as temperatures top more than 100 degrees across nation (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN/NBC News: Brian Mooar) - Thursday was another day of record heat across much of the nation.

    In communities still waiting for power to be restored after last Friday's storms frustration has long passed the boiling point.

    "When they told me July 8th this morning, I cried," said Lisa Paulette of Kemp Mill, Maryland. "I couldn't believe it, I'd actually broken at that point."

    More than a million Americans woke up again Thursday without power, and temperatures are again topping 100 degrees in many cities across the nation.

    "You factor in the humidity, it is very oppressive, and actually dangerous to be outside for long periods of time," warned Weather Channel Meteorologist Kelly Cass.

    Staying comfortable was basically mission impossible.

    In Chicago the record heat left roads buckled and broken.

    "This is happening across the country, from Wisconsin to Texas, you're seeing streets buckling all over the place," said Gabe Klein of the Chicago Department of Transportation.

    Schools without air conditioning have been forced to cancel summer classes until the heat lets up.