Record Setting Temperatures in Central Mass. - NECN

Record Setting Temperatures in Central Mass.



    (NECN: Kenneth Craig) - It doesn't get much better than this.

    At Lake Chauncy in Westborough, 94 degrees, clear skies and crowds that can't seem to get enough of the summer-like weather. 

    You may have guessed these guys aren't locals -- they're soccer coaches here from the U.K. where they say it's never like this.... And in fact .. At this time of year ... It isn't here either -- hitting 93 degrees in nearby Worcester and breaking a record set almost 80 years ago.

    And in all this heat it's sure temping to take a dip, but many of the lakes and ponds across the state aren't open yet. They are closed and unattended.

    That isn't stopping many people something that has local police concerned.