Rescuers Search for Survivors Amid the Sendai Rubble - NECN

Rescuers Search for Survivors Amid the Sendai Rubble



    (NECN/CNN) - Military helicopters continue the search for the living in the tsunami-ravaged city of Sendai.

    Two days into this disaster into this one residential area called Futaki, rescuers are still pulling the injured to safety. A silver gurney lifts a survivor. But increasingly, the found are the dead. Search crews pull a body from the waters... someone who drowned in a car, another body lies under a tarp.

    A large number of military and search crews finding more dead and fewer living victims as the hours pass. Frightening beyond belief says Hiroki Otomo. Otomo's mother and uncle are missing and feared dead. They were both home as the tsunami came into Futaki. Otomo and his father now waiting for word. 

    Witnesses here say the first tsunami wave was as high as the top of this tree line... tossing cars like toys into piles... Blasting out windows, crushing homes, or sweeping them away completely. This flooded area once had a row of houses. Now, gone. 

    About 450 students, teachers and workers were in a school when the tsunami warning came. Many managed to escape, but the Japanese military says they pulled bodies from the school.

    The residents of Futaki started returning home, but only briefly, and carrying out what they could to evacuation centers. They face challenges on dry land. Little gas, long lines wrapped around the few stations open... And even longer lines of people, several blocks long at food and water distribution centers. A waiting game on multiple fronts for these tsunami survivors.