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Rhode Island Deals With Historic Flooding



    (NECN: Brad Puffer, Warwick, RI) - In Warwick, Rhode Island, school is closed and I-95 is closed.

    The water was everywhere in Warwick, Rhode Island, surrounding office parks and homes, crossing over I-95, shutting down this major highway. And this became the result -- gridlock traffic.

    This teacher in East Providence left her home at 6-30 in the morning. Three hours later she was still in trying to get to work

    It's why the Governor told only essential government employees to head to work Wednesday. And with the water at historic levels, he says others should stay home and off the roads if at all possible.

    Only when the water finally recedes will they know all the bridges and roads impacted by the water are safe to reopen.

    The gridlock caused by this mess held up the Governor as well. His car sitting on this onramp for 10 minutes, trying to get by. Another car tried to escape traffic by crossing the medium, only to get his car stuck in mud.