Rhode Island Emergency Management Press Conference - NECN

Rhode Island Emergency Management Press Conference



    (NECN) - In Cranston, Rhode Island, the RI Emergency Management team updated the state on Hurricane Irene preparations.

    There's a mandatory evacuation in Narragansett and South Kingstown, RI. Low-lying residents need to leave by 10 a.m. Sunday.

    In Westerly, Rhode Island, low-lying residents must evacuate by Saturday night.    

    In Narragansett, shelters will open at the high school and at 250 Tower Hill Road.

    Rhode Islanders are definitely aware of the state's history in hurricanes.

    Rhode Island is especially susceptible to flooding and storm surges.

    Rhode Island, as you know, is the ocean state. Narragansett Bay runs right up through the center of the state. At the top of Narragansett Bay is Providence.
    In 1938 and 1954 during Carole, Providence had massive storm surges.

    Fortunately, the last two big hurricanes, Gloria in 85 and Bob in 91, did not cause massive water damage as both those storms veered away from Providence.

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