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Rivers Overflow in Connecticut



    (NECN: Alysha Palumbo - Kent, CT) - Hours before the rain stopped, Connecticut's rivers started rising.

    The Housatonic River flowed over its banks in several areas, even sweeping an 80 foot dock over the falls in Derby - as you can see in this viewer cell phone video.

    Janet Abisch of Cornwall Bridge, CT said, "I think spring is coming too early on top of the crazy winter."

    In Seymour, roads quickly became lakes - surrounding homes and covering cars.

    "If your car isn't in good shape, you might well get stalled out with that depth," said Dave Scott of Cornwall Bridge, CT.

    In Kent, large chunks of ice flowed over route seven, eventually shutting down the highway.

    Timothy Limbos of Kent, CT said, "About eleven o'clock last night is when the water started breaking over the roadway and just completely overtaking everything on route seven."

    The water rose so quickly some residents had to be rescued by boat.

    David Ackerman of Kent, CT couldn't believe it when he saw the rescue boat heading down the highway instead of cars.

    "I saw water and I looked out the window and I was like oh, wow, crap - like where did all that come from?!" said Ackerman, "It was just unreal, like halfway up the lawn and I just couldn't believe it."

    Even three sump pumps weren't enough to get the water out of Timothy Limbos' brothers' home.

    The two men work with the Kent Ambulance service as chief and assistant chief - but even they needed help with this historic flooding.

    Limbos said, "I told him, hey, you might want to move your cars, and about half an hour to an hour later it was too late and we couldn't even get to them, we had to get the town payloader in to help them get out."

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