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Road Crews to Work Through the Night



    (NECN: Alysha Palumbo, Framingham, Mass.) - Even as the snow tapers off, plows, sanders and salt trucks keep scraping Massachusetts' roadways to make sure everything is ready for people to go back to work on Thursday.

    Governor Deval Patrick said, "The crews will be out working all night and through the day tomorrow, they are working to make sure the shoulders and the ramps are as good and as safe as possible."

    Governor Patrick says with snow falling at a rate of more than two inches per hour at the storm's peak the nearly four thousand public and private crews deployed throughout the commonwealth had a hard time keeping up earlier in the day… but proved they could outlast old man winter as the day wore on.

    "They are doing a magnificent job," said the governor, "remember it's mother nature and the rate of snowfall at the height of the storm was a real challenge."

    The governor thanked the public for staying home and staying off the roads as much as they could.

    "Fortunately, blessedly there have been no serious injuries related to this storm and to travel on the roads throughout the day," said Governor Patrick.

    And he says the utility crews that traveled through the treacherous weather to help restore power to more than a hundred thousand people in the dark are already making a difference.

    The governor said, "I know that there are still 24,000 customers without power and I ask you to be as patient as you can and rest assured that we are doing everything we can to light a fire under the utilities."