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Roads in Scituate, Mass. Remain Closed After Flooding



    Roads in Scituate, Mass. remain closed after flooding

    Ice, debris remain in streets; coastal communities in New England flooded during nor'easter (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Josh Brogadir, Scituate, Mass.) - The cold is biting and the water is receding.

    Scituate Ave. in Scituate, Mass. has been a river and will soon be a street again.

    If the sea walls stay standing, they did their jobs, because they can't block the waves.

    Locals describe it as moderate flooding, but this deck is going to be a major problem for one homeowner on Turner Road.

    And it was just fixed a few months ago.

    "All these boulders were all along here right against the sea wall," said Shelly Dinneen, who just moved next door in September.

    There was no way she was staying overnight through the storm.

    "Just didn't want to hear all the commotion going on out here overnight," said Dinneen. "I knew I wasn't going to get a decent night's sleep or any of us at that so we just rode it out in another part of town."

    "[It was] so windy during the night, it was unbelievable. The wind was just gushing," said Bridget Guiney, who stayed the night in her home along the harbor.

    The ocean showed off her power during the noon high tide.

    Steps were pulled from homes, backyards were turned into frigid lakes and a salty, sandy, icy frosting glazed the houses.

    And still, optimism reigned on Rebecca Road.

    "We lost [power] for about three hours this morning. Then it came back on about seven o'clock so, we were in good shape," said David Ball of the Scituate Coastal Coalition. "I was getting ready to start up the generator, but didn't have to do it."

    The guard came in as reinforcements, but if you've been here for a lifetime, chances are you've seen much worse.

    "Last year was probably the worst I've seen. And I've been here for 26 years. Probably this would be a 7, last year was probably a 10 because the whole entire basement flooded, it was the highest I've ever seen the water before," said Ryan Elsmore, of Scituate.