Roof Collapses at Vacant Restaurant in Stoughton, Mass. - NECN

Roof Collapses at Vacant Restaurant in Stoughton, Mass.



    (NECN: Tom Langford, Stoughton, Mass.) - The weight of the snow is raising concerns about many roofs around the New England region.

    Case in point -- a vacant building in Stoughton, Massachusetts, where a roof caved in overnight. The roof collapsed over the building of the former Chen Do and an old neighboring carpet store. This is the 700 block of Washington Street in the center of town.

    Demolition crews are in the process of tearing part of it down. A structural engineer will have to determine if the entire building needs to come down.

    The Stoughton Building Inspector, Robert Grover, says the cause of this roof collapse is the heavy snow.

    Fortunately, when it caved in overnight, no one was around.

    Roofs that are compromised are obviously especially vulnerable. This one was compromised. There had been a fire at Chen Do about a year ago, so the roof was in a weakened state.