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Roofs Are Collapsing Across Connecticut



    (NECN: Brian Burnell, Middletown, Conn.) - Last week, it was mostly smaller, wood structures and barns going down under the weight of the snow and ice in Connecticut. On Wednesday, the damage stepped up to bigger buildings with several collapses across the state.

    Witnesses say it was like a bomb exploded when the 3rd floor of this building in Middletown, Connecticut collapsed under the weight of snow and ice built up on the roof. The owners of the building were looking it over just before the crash. They say its 120-years old and sturdy. It used to be a bomb shelter. 

    Mike DiPiro, building owner: "The beams upstairs were so thick you couldn't believe.  Never thought we'd have a problem.  We heard noise. We went up to look, saw the beam cracking. I said 'Chris, run.' We ran out of the building."

    They called 911 and the fire company 2 doors down responded in seconds. Firefighters were putting up yellow warning tape when...

    Mike DiPiro: "All of a sudden the whole thing almost, like, exploded. Started collapsing. We had to run to avoid being buried by the bricks."

    Running with them was the owner of the building next door. They'd gone up on his roof to see what the roof next door looked like.

    Sebi Bajrakparevic, Middletown, CT: "It was just like 911. Just blast of...and it was a huge impact and a blast of debris flying.  Dust.  Right in my face.  Luckily I had an umbrella and actually I was screaming...screaming 'Mike! Mike!" He's okay."

    In fact everyone is okay. As bad as this looks no one was hurt.

    Mike DiPiro: "I just thank God there was nobody else in the building. The bricks went all the way across Main Street. They could have hit a car or a pedestrian. Nobody got hurt."

    Here in Middletown they learn their lessons quickly. They're using that ladder truck.  Firefighters inspecting other flat roofs in the area and they've already found some problems."

    "Got everybody out? Yes. Alright. You gotta get out."

    Cracks were found in beams in this brick apartment building across the street so it was evacuated.  It's a story being told across Connecticut.  In Milford two adjacent commercial buildings collapsed. 30 people were inside at the time. One was taken to a hospital for minor injuries.