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Roofs Collapse Across New England



    (NECN: Alysha Palumbo, Holliston & Sutton, Mass.) - "We haven't seen snow like this since the blizzard of '78 so this is kind of a once every 25 year issue."

    Mother Nature seems to be taking out her fury on our roofs, with all this snow we've seen over the past month.

    The weight of the snow from one storm after another proved to be too much for this FlexHead building in Holliston, Massachusetts Tuesday.

    Holliston Fire Chief Michael Cassidy said, "The roof just collapsed straight down, it's the weight of the snow, the excessive snow load."

    It's hard to tell from the outside, but there were two collapses at this building - causing an 80 by 100 foot piece of the roof to come crashing down.

    "The overhead door actually got blown right off the track and is out in the back yard," said Chief Cassidy.

    In Sutton, Mass the fire department was called out to help, as town crews were on the roof of the high school, trying to remove more than three feet of snow, while students and teachers enjoyed yet another couple of snow days.

    Superintendent Ted Friend said, "We saw that we had areas with 30-40 inches of snow and with a potential of 20-24 inches of snow coming in we felt it prudent to get on the roof and start taking care of some of this snow."

    The superintendent said the roof isn't in danger of collapsing right now, but it's always an issue that building's with flat roofs have to worry about.

    And when we get this much snow this quickly, it can even be an issue for smaller homes and businesses with a pitched roof.
    Chief Cassidy said, "It's not too late now, even with the additional snow coming to put someone on the roof and to clear it and just want to make sure they do it in a safe manner."