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School in Session on Good Friday?



    School in session on Good Friday?

    Many school districts in central Mass. are looking for ways to keep school from going well into June thanks to storms (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Katelyn Tivnan) - Thanks to Mother Nature, snow days for central Massachusetts school districts have piled up and have pushed some school calendars well into June.

    It's prompted some districts, like Spencer East Brookfield, to consider having class on Good Friday.

    "Started off with October, Hurricane Sandy, and lost two days there, if we had one more we'd be up to nine," Spencer East Brookfield Superintendent Debora Zablocki said.

    Zablocki says the department is considering a half day on Good Friday. Right now, school is scheduled to be closed for the holy holiday.
    Adding the half day will allow students and staff to end school Friday June 21 instead of Monday June 24.

    "We have six buildings in the school district and they do not have A/C, so not conducive to learning that time of year," Zablocki said.

    The district's school committee will vote on the issue Wednesday.

    "I think the 24th is really far into the month. we should just have school Friday and get it over with," student Mia Golden said.

    "I think a lot of people might be upset about it, but it doesn't bother me," Mia's mother, Sheila Golden, said.

    Students in the Dudley Charlton District will be heading to class Friday. The school committee voted Monday in favor of adding the half day. Superintendent Sean Gilrein says the decision has been met with little opposition.

    "Had a number of individuals concerned with short notice and concerns with some religious affiliations," Gilrein said.

    "I don't think it's considered as much of a holy day as it is another day of school for the students," High School Senior Konstantinos Karamanakis said.

    Students not wanting to attend Friday because of religious reasons will have an excused absence.

    "A lot of my friends don't want school on Friday," Mia said.

    "No one wants to come back for a half day right before summer," Konstantinos said.