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Scituate Seawall Breach Up Close



    At 8 Oceanside Drive in Scituate Massachusetts, Doris & Dennis Crary could not sleep Sunday Night December 26th, as The Blizzard of 2010 Blasted their Oceanside Bed & Breakfast with Hurricane Force Wind, 25 Foot Waves, and Rocks Larger than Basketballs. But they did survive, as did their B&B. But their neighbors were not so fortunate. The storm ripped through the 18' Concrete Seawall, and the back walls of several homes on each side. The Crary's credit their ability to withstand the pounding to the 30 foot 'Fat Boy' Pilings installed under their home last winter, and their Lexion Bullet Proof Window Covers. With help from National Flood Insurance Grant Money, their bottom floor is now 25.3' above mean sea level, up from 16.5' since the last rebuild after the December 1992 Blizzard. That repair came a year after the 1991 No Name Storm. The Crary's invited Tim Kelley over to see first hand the power of the Ocean just as the next High Tide approached Monday afternoon December 27, 2010. The Seawall height is 18' above mean sea level. Doris estimates the blizzard of 2010 brought the see level to 16', or 7' above mean high water.