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Search and Rescue Continues in Many Midwest Communities



    (NECN/CNN) - It's been a long week for folks in the Midwest. As communities recover from a string of powerful tornadoes earlier this week, some families are anxiously waiting for news about their loved ones. For some, it's heartbreaking news as they begin the recovery process.

    Sunday's powerful twister in Joplin, Missouri is now the single deadliest to touch down in any U.S. community in modern recorded history. State officials are working around the clock to quickly and accurately account for the missing.

    But even as some receive devastating news about their loved ones, miraculous stories of survival continue to emerge. Susie Cook, 97, was at home when the tornado hit. Forceful winds blew several items on top of her, trapping her underneath a pile of rubble.  

    The fate of over 200 others remains unknown as the hope of finding more people trapped in homes grows dimmer and dimmer.