Significant But Manageable Storm for N.H. Crews - NECN

Significant But Manageable Storm for N.H. Crews



    (NECN: Lauren Collins, Manchester, N.H.) - Those who ventured out in the storm Wednesday, found slow travel. There were countless spinouts and trucks off the road, and plow crews who had to battle driver impatience as well as the elements.  

    NECN's Lauren Collins went out with plow driver to see the conditions on the road.

    Plow trucks have been at work since the first snow flakes began falling.

    Driver Mike Domingue says the most important thing is to watch out for them, and try not to drive faster. He says the number one hazard of people on the roadways are the people in a hurry.

    While there have been many, spin-outs reported in New Hampshire, there have been no major accidents closing roadways or causing any serious injuries.