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Signs of Rebirth One Month After Tornado



    (NECN: Brian Burnell, Springfield, Mass.) - A month ago East Forest Park in Springfield, Massachusetts, was hit hard by the tornado. Slowly its making its way back.

    A roofing crew working on two houses at once. Plumbers hooking up water and sewer to another temporary trailer. Signs of rebirth in a ravaged neighborhood. Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown visited several areas hit by the storm.

    "Even though there's devastation its also hopeful to see people's true character come out."

    Volunteers cleared much of the debris and fallen trees. People have been helping each other here from the moment that crawled out of the rubble that was a home and called out to a neighbor to make sure they were alright. That spirit is why Anne Whalen is staying. Her house was cut in half by the huge oak tree in the front yard.

    "And then it went into the house, parting the house in half from living room through the hallway through the kitchen to the back yard."

    The house is scheduled for demolition. Anne will rebuild. She's been living in a hotel the past month and says even moving into the trailer, though not perfect, will be better because she will be here.

    "Just knowing I was able to mow the lawn yesterday for a neighbor and myself and its just a good feeling to get the neighborhood back to the way we're accustom to it. Granted we're going to have accept the fact that things are different but we also can capitalize on what we can do here and now."

    City officials are doing everything they can to make this recovery easier including free sewer and water hookups for the temporary housing.