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Sizzling Summer Heat Continues in NH



    Sizzling summer heat continues in NH

    From swimming to eating ice cream, New Hampshire residents are finding ways to stay cool (Published Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014)

    (NECN:  Lauren Collins – Hopkinton, NH) It's a sizzler out there, “especially the last few days,” says Hopkinton, N.H. teen Aiden O’Brien before plunging into the Contoocook River.  But don’t worry about him.  When he’s not taking a dip, he’s working as a lifeguard.  

    “It's been busy, especially the last couple of weeks,” he says of life at the lake.  “Earlier this summer though it was pretty rainy so it wasn't very busy.”

    The summer of 2013 is one of extremes:  either really hot, or really rainy. And that's exactly the problem for Robert Young and his family business, Robert Young & Sons Paving.

    “When it's a showery day we can kind of work around that or sometimes we gotta call it a day and we get a paver's holiday.”  

    That ultimately means longer hours when it's dry, and hot.

    “You're feeling it,” he laughs of those make up days.  “I would say we definitely hit triple digits here.”  

    If you put it in perspective it's not really that bad.  A heat wave in England - temperatures in the mid-80s, mind you - melted the asphalt on the major highway around London. At least here we can still get to work, or to the ice cream stand where Tom Arnold knows how to cool you off.  

    “I would say a freeze which is made with sherbet and soda versus a dairy product,” recommends the longtime owner of Arnie’s Place in Concord.

    Arnold says it hasn't been as busy as you might expect.  The extreme heat keeps young families and older customers away.  

    There are cooling centers across New Hampshire though the folks at the Cashin Senior Center in Manchester would all be there for Tuesday bingo anyway.

    Still, if you can't be playing Huck Finn, swinging into the swimming hole, you might as well be hanging out in the air conditioning, enjoying a frappe.  

    Brian Mitchell and his family are moving in this heat. 

    “Any kind of physical work in this kind of weather is crazy.  We're gonna sit in here as long as we can.”